Cover: Is Asia the New Frontier for Biotech?

Key industry leaders in India, Japan, and China give us their perspectives and an inside look at Asia’s burgeoning role as it enters a new pharmaceutical era.


Manufactured Buildings: Embracing prefab facilities

Architects, designers, software developers, and builders are using modular and prefabricated elements to streamline the design and construction of industrial facilities. Benefits include a 30%–40% reduction in footprint, lower design and engineering costs, and shorter time to completion.

Patient Perceptions of IMPs: An international perspective

Regional IP teams adapted and expanded ISPE’s 2013 US-weighted survey on patient perceptions of IMPs to explore possible geographic differences in different populations. This paper focuses on final results from the EU and China and compares some of them with the original 2013 survey.


Facility of the Future—Are We There Yet?

Our special report highlights the agile, efficient, sustainable, and compliant manufacturing that will dominate facilities of the future—one of ISPE’s key areas of focus over the next 4 years.


Special Supplement—Facility of the Year Awards: 2016 Annual Report

ISPE’s Facility of the Year awards recognize projects that demonstrate cutting-edge engineering, innovative new technology, or advanced applications of existing technology. We profile this year’s category winners and honorable mentions

Knowledge Brief—Wet Granulation

What options are available for wet granulation, and what are the design and processing implications for each?


Editor's Voice

Cover Stories

  • Biotechnology Can Transform India into a Global Innovation Hub
    Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chair and Managing Director, Biocon Limited
  • Is Japan the New Frontier for the Biopharmaceutical Industry?
    Sei Murakami, General Manager, Hitachi, Ltd., and the Japan Affiliate BIO CoP
  • China: The Next Frontier for Biologics
    Chris Chen and Sheng Yin, WuXi Biologics


  • Third Europe Annual Conference
  • 2016 Aseptic Conference
  • Unleashing Innovation: When Pharma Meets Techno
  • ISPE Broadens Training Footprint in Europe
  • 26 International Board of Directors Elections
  • Guidance Documents
  • ISPE VP and CFO Victoria Smoke Retires
  • Notes in a Bottle, from ISPE’s Administration and Finance Department
  • Quality Metrics Wave 2 Report
  • Appointments

A YP State of Mind

Leaders of the Future

Young Professionals

Meet Young Professional Jaywant Pawar

Affiliate Profile

Q&A with the ISPE Japan Affiliate

Feature Stories

  • Manufactured Buildings: Embracing prefab facilities
  • 3D Printing in Architecture
  • Closing the Capacity Gap: Novo Nordisk starts work on a $2 billion API plant
  • Process Architects: Bringing value to pharmaceutical projects
  • Patient Perceptions of IMPs: An international perspective
  • Silicon Peach: Atlanta is a thriving commercial and technology hub

Special Report: Facility of the Future—Are We There Yet?

  • Facility of the Future
  • Turning Opportunities into Reality
  • The Workforce of the Future
  • What Is the Facility of the Future?

Technical Articles

Evaluating the Benefits of Prefabricated Cleanroom Infrastructure Designs and Costs
Maik Jornitz and Sidney Backstrom

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Process Validation and Quality Risk Management
Francisco C. Castillo, Brendan Cooney, and Howard L. Levine

Energy Optimization of an Existing HVAC System in a Bulk Pharmaceutical Facility
James Heemer, Duane Mowrey, and Joel Martinez

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The Role of Generics in Drug Shortages

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